One man dead following officer-involved shooting in Alabama


GORDO, Ala. (WCBI) – An officer-involved shooting in Gordo has left one man dead.

Sources told us Pickens County Sheriff Todd Hall was involved in the incident.

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However, he was not injured.

According to family members, the suspect Wallace Wilder was shot and killed during the incident.

The shooting happened Wednesday at Grandview Gardens Apartments.

Sources said investigators were called to the complex for a mental evaluation check on Wilder.

When they arrived, we’re told Wilder refused to let them inside his home, so investigators then forced their way in.

“Police were over there at his house trying to get in, they were throwing benches and stuff,” said Anfrenee Peck, who lives next to where the alleged shooting happened.

When deputies entered the home, Wilder allegedly had a knife and was threatening the officers.

Sources said investigators eventually shot the Wilder.

The Gordo man was rushed to a Tuscaloosa hospital where he later died.

“Today was a tragic time for us, to find out my cousin was shot,” said April Dial, Wilder’s cousin.

“Regardless of what he had, it’s different ways that this situation could’ve been handled,” said Mondrigas Stansel, Wilder’s nephew. “A guy shot, center mask, four to five times, whether it’s one or five times, it’s different ways to do it. You did not have to shoot this man four to five times. It’s sad. I hate that this had to hit so close to home.”

Family members admitted Wilder did have mental health issues.

However, they said he was taking his medicine.

“He liked to make you laugh,” said Stansel. “He was a father. A great uncle, a loving brother.”

As loved ones tried to cope with this tragedy, they said they’re still having a hard time coming to grips with what happened.

They said investigators are staying tight-lipped about the exact details.

Now, they want answers.

“He was a nice man,” said Peck. “He don’t bother nobody or nothing, he always stay to himself, so I really want to know why they shot him.”

“Deep down I’m hurting man,” Stansel expressed. “I just don’t understand it.”

This marks the second officer-involved shooting involving the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department in more than a month

The Alabama State Bureau of Investigation is now handling this investigation.