CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)-Some may think mowing a lawn is a chore, but for Rodney Smith Jr., it’s a challenge.

Smith Started his organization as a platform for younger members to give back to the community.

Raising Men Lawn Care Service founded by Rodney Smith Jr. makes sure that those in the community are being taken care of, one yard at a time.

He challenges kids 7-17 to step up and compete in the 50-yard challenge, with the goal of making a difference in mind.

“Back 2015 I came across an elderly man mowing his lawn, and it looked like he was struggling so I pulled over and help them out, and that night I decided I would start mowing lawns for the elderly, disabled, single moms, and veterans. That one small act of kindness changed my life,” said Smith.

In Okolona, three young boys decided they wanted to step up to the plate.

And if they complete the challenge, Smith will come to the city to donate a brand new lawn mower along with a t-shirt.

Often times, a weed eater and a leaf blower come with the package.

“It’s amazing because I never set out to do this originally,” said Smith.

Smith was pursuing a bachelors degree in computer science. He then realized he wanted to impact the community and help maintain the yard work for those who could not.

There are over 300 kids that have signed up for the challenge nationwide with 25 kids completing the goal.

Participant London Traylor’s grandmother Debra Metcalf says the gesture of offering this service truly warms the heart.

“Well I am very excited because this is the business, so he wants to be in when he gets grown is lawn service and I’m very excited today, I think it would improve the community elderly people and disable,” said Metcalf.

Smith has been to all 50 states four times each and plans to have more kids take on the challenge one yard at a time.

Smith says the challenge is open to girls as well.

He plans to visit a few more cities in Mississippi then is going to Kentucky.

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