Attorney General’s “One Pill Can Kill” initiative kicks off on Mississippi State’s campus

MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY. Miss. (WCBI)- Fentanyl kills. That is the message Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch has begun sharing across the state.

Fitch launched the “One Pill Can Kill” initiative Monday at Mississippi State University.

It’s a public awareness campaign informing Mississippians about the dangers associated with fentanyl and available life-saving resources.

Fitch’s initiative encourages everyone never to take pills that are not provided by a doctor or pharmacist and to dispose of unused or expired drugs properly.

She also said the drug is killing Mississippians at an alarming rate.

“In 2022 alone we lost 237 Mississippians to fentanyl overdose…..Fentanyl is cheap. It’s a synthetic opioid that can be mixed very easily into so many other drugs, but 237 Mississippians that’s too many, we shouldn’t have any that are being lost so again it’s significant we talk about it. We talked about how to use Narcan and we were willing to talk about the knowledge and recovery into helping and powering all these individuals because it is about Mississippians and how we can be supportive of them, and again we understand it’s out there, but as we work together, we make a difference,” said Fitch.

Fitch offers tools and resources on her website,

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