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WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- It’s something that’s spreading across Universities, online classes. And each year, more and more people are enrolling in them.

It provides students with tough schedules and demanding jobs, another way to get an education.

Sheena Boyd is a senior at MUW. The management information systems major takes advantage of online courses. Just how many has she taken so far? Well over 20.

“I’ve actually taken… TONS of online classes at this point: I’ve taken programming classes online, took environmental sciences classes online, accounting classes online, internet classes, right now I’m taking a pretty cool class that is called mobile application development. It shows you how to create mobile apps for phones and stuff so..I’m enjoying that this semester it’s cool!” says Boyd.

Sheena says taking her courses online is a dream come true for allows her to work and pursue her future career all at the same time.

“It helps me out a whole lot..I have a part-time job at a local store here in West Point so..actually you know, I need the money right now..Christmas is coming up,” says Boyd.

31% of MUW are enrolled in online classes this fall, students can receive a full online master’s degree in health education and a bachelor’s degree in public health.

Other Universities, like MSU are also seeing online courses increase. While Sheena prefers learning in front of her own computer, she admits, nothing beats a traditional classroom with a teacher when it comes to those tough courses.

“Like math!! Now I’m not good at, I’d rather be in the classroom for that, but, otherwise..hey! Gimme an online class and I’m happy!” says Boyd.

Boyd says she plans on taking more online classes next year. After she graduates, she wants to work as an IT specialist for a company or University.


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