Outrageous mugshots

Lawrence Sullivan, 29, is accused of waving a gun at cars in southwest Miami-Dade, Fla. He was charged for possession of a concealed weapon.

Sullivan, whose distinctive look is reminiscent of Jared Leto’s Joker in “Suicide Squad,” mixes and matches his representations of various Jokers on his face. 

On each of his cheeks, he has a tattoo that looks as if his mouth has been split ear to ear and then stitched back together. The tattoo is similar to the imagery in the “The Dark Knight,” where the late Heath Ledger portrayed the Joker.

The word “Joker” is scrawled on the right side of Sullivan’s forehead while the left side has a tattoo of The Batman logo with the words “F**K Batman” on the wings and dagger piercing the bat’s heart.

The comic book Joker’s signature “Ha, Ha, Ha” is tattooed below his right eye.

And if that was not enough, there’s a “666” and an upside down cross tattooed just in front of his right ear.

His family said he recently put tattoos on his face as an expression of his artistic side.

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