Palmer Home moving to Hernando after 120 years in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-There’s a big change coming to Palmer Home for Children.

The location here in Columbus is moving to Hernando.

By the end of June, the Hernando and Columbus location will become one.

A move Palmer Home president and CEO, says it’s a move they’re looking forward to.

Over the past 120 years, the Palmer Home has served as a safe place for children.

Originating here in Columbus, the legacy served by providing a home and comfort zone.

President and CEO Drake Bassett says the board and staff are currently working to see this move go smoothly.

“This is a part of a larger plan to expand more services to children who need them,” said Bassett.

From housing 30 children, with ages reaching as far as 18, transition is important.

Bassett ensures that staff and counselors are paying attention to how the children will cope with the move.

“A lot of our kids are excited too, it’s a new place, new opportunity. We made the announcement but we also spoke to the staff and children first and explained the process. One of the reasons we did that is that we can go ahead and take the time that we need over the next few months to make sure that the transition goes well,” said Bassett.

Foster care is a beneficial and imperative detail.

They will continue to recruit and help families in the area who already care for Palmer Home children.

“This is a bittersweet conversation, the sweet part is that we are gonna reach more children and serve more children and help more children. That’s the sweet part, the bitter part is that Palmer Home began here in Columbus 120 years ago and we’re leaving a location not leaving a legacy. We’re carrying that with us,” said Bassett.

Palmer Home Thrift Store in Columbus and other locations will stay in the Friendly City.

Administration and other operations will continue to here in Columbus.

Basett says becoming one campus allows them to focus on residential but also allows them to divert some of the same resources and create new programs in the future.

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