Peco Foods is close to opening for business.


WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- In April of last year, Peco Foods announced it would be opening up a new plant.

Now, nearly a year later things are finally coming together.

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Plant Manager Jordan Townsend says they are one step closer to being operational, and they have the city of West Point to thank.

When Bryan Foods left, it left a hole in West Point. A hole that needed to be filled.

Thursday, Peco Foods took up that mantel, and it’s one step closer to being in business.

“So the freezer is coming along quite nicely we ran into a little bit of unexpected delay with having to replace some equipment that we found faulty during when we are pressurizing the system but we should have that up and going and online late March early April,” said Townsend.

Peco Foods is planning on bringing 300 jobs to West Point, and the hiring process has already begun.

“Finding the right people for the jobs is very easy for us in this location. At the career fair, we were able to get well over 300 resumes. Right now as it stands we’re currently fully staffed in maintenance and refrigeration probably in the next two-four weeks will be looking to hire the rest of our warehouse personnel and some of our clerical rolls.”

With those added jobs the city of West Point is hoping to cash in.

“It always helps the economy when a town grows with Industry of course that employment base and the jobs that it creates and brings retail but also the quality of life and the money that’s generated,” said Director of Community Development, Lisa Klutts.

It won’t be long before Peco Foods trucks hit the streets.

“We’ll probably start seeing some trucks coming out of the plant probably mid-April late April. We’ve got a couple of weeks of getting everything once we start up the freezing and bring it down to temperature we got to do some pre-start-up checklist and make sure everything is solid and after we verify that will start shipping some product in an out,” said Townsend.

Jordan Townsend tells me they did have some construction delays recently due to the amount of rain we’ve seen lately, but workers are back on site getting dirt moving.