People are committing to their New Year’s Resolutions early

People everywhere make New Year's Resolutions each year and do their best to stick to them

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-  People everywhere make New Year’s Resolutions each year and do their best to stick to them.

2022 is finally here and people are kicking off those New Year’s Resolutions. One common practice each year is developing fitness goals and a gym routine.

“I plan to stay in the gym, continue working out, save up some money, travel the world a little bit more and focus on family,” said gym member Hunter Tiebout.

Sticking to those resolutions are much easier said than done for folks at Planet Fitness and at Fitness Factor in Columbus. Each person that talked to WCBI said that in 2022, things will be different and some say they plan to go above and beyond to try and excel this year

“My new years resolution is to keep coming to the gym, get my mind right and get my body right and get my personal training certification you know to start a little business,” said gym member Tazz Sparks.

Better health is at the top of a lot of peoples list going into 2022. The American Medical Association offers ten health recommendations to kick off the new year. Two of those include managing stress and being more physically active.

Fitness Factor Trainer Allison Webster planed to leave her bad habits behind in 2021.

“Being consistent with good eating habits and working out. I’m not trying to do anything super restrictive and cut out things that I enjoy and try to dial in that health and nutrition more and really just move my body more in ways that I enjoy more walking, more strength training stuff like that to make positive changes slowly throughout the year,” said Webster.

Whether it be healthier eating or getting gains in the gym; people are ready to take on the New Year with a made up mind.

To find each of the 10 health recommendations the ADA recommends click here.

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