Pizza companies are prepped and prepared for the super bowl

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- A mixture of tomato sauce, cheese, and a variety of toppings are piled high for family and friends as their Super Bowl meal. Pizza companies have been busy during the pandemic, but preparing for Super Bowl Sunday is a different challenge.

“We’re expecting that it’s going to be a little bit busier than what your average Sunday would be and then on top of that with the pandemic going on we expect it’s going to be even busier than that from the previous years,” said general manager of Columbus Papa Johns, Gregory Giles.

Giles said employees are keeping the dough flowing.

“We do small things like bundling our wings up in 8 orders just so we can grab them put them on the screen and put them in because we expect a lot of wing orders today,” said Giles.

The store has already planned ahead for a certain amount of orders.

“We have a lot of plan ahead already and most of them are dropping between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. so I would say probably around 4 o’clock is when it’s going to start going crazy,” said Giles.

Giles said they have extra hands to help the staff.

“We’d usually only have 3 people here right now and I think we have twice that many and everyone are coming in early just to ensure that we have enough people more than enough to deal with everything that’s going on,” said Giles.

Papa Johns isn’t the only restaurant other folks are getting their pie as well.

“People have been calling in and delaying their orders to pick up right before 5 o’clock just so we’d be ready for them we’ve been making pizzas all day long,” said General manager of Lost Pizza Co. Carole Simmons.

Lost Pizza Company’s doors are open and Simmons says they have been preparing for Super Bowl Sunday for the past couple of days and also explains why pizza is the number one dish for watching the game.

“It’s easy to carry, it’s easy to take out, and it’s delicious,” said Simmons.

Even with outstanding orders, Simmons and her staff are eager to serve customers.

“I do believe in social distancing and keeping our community safe; so we want to make sure we serve good pizza to people that are practicing social distancing and staying within their bubble,” said Simmons.

Giles and Simmons agree events like the Super Bowl help drive funds to their stores during the pandemic.

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