Plantersville reminds dog-owning residents to register pets

PLANTERSVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Residents of one Lee County town who own a dog need to get their pet registered, ahead of an upcoming deadline.

Every dog in Plantersville must be registered every January with the city. Dog owners can register their dogs at Plantersville Town Hall for $5.

The owner gets a tag with contact information that can be put on their dog’s collar.

The town’s animal control officer said the registration ordinance has helped reunite lost dogs with their owners .

“We started the registration last year, and went through last year, went real well, had a lot of positive feedback. We have had several people get their dogs back without them going to the shelter because we knew where to carry them because they were registered with the town,” said Officer Jason Lessel, Plantersville Animal Control.

Dog owners have until March 31 to get their pets registered, or they will pay $30 for registration.

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