Plea Deals on the rise in the Golden Triangle

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- District Attorney Scott Colom ran on changing how some cases are handled.

Between the two District 16 judges and himself, the courts are dealing with nearly 100 cases of first offense drug charges.

There has also been a number of plea bargains reached in several high profile cases, that are no longer on the docket.

Colom says he uses different strategies when dealing with each case.

“Particular for first offenders, I try to focus on rehabilitation instead of incarceration. I want to help people that are struggling with drug addiction, avoid prison, and get on the right track with treating the drug addiction. For violent crimes I prioritize those cases because those are the people that are a threat to our community and so those are the people that I prosecute pretty aggressively,” said District Attorney, Scott Colom.

Colom says because of his plan, during the past two years each court term is seeing fewer cases going to trial and more offenders getting help.

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