Police academy graduate continues family tradition in law enforcement

Amory Police Department Detective Andy Long's daughter is newest member of the force

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – There are 18 new law enforcement graduates.

One of those new rookies will follow in the footsteps of her father, a man that trained her for the job.

Emma Long has always wanted to become a police officer.

“I can’t really put a set time on when,” Emma Long said.

It was a full circle moment for her and her dad, Detective Andy Long. He pinned the newest rookie on the force.

“I’m ready to serve and protect and be part of the community,” she said.

The veteran detective at Amory PD was even able to teach his daughter. He’s an instructor at the North Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Center.

“She forewarned them her dad was like any other drill instructor, at the academy, they were prepared, I don’t care if it’s my daughter or somebody else’s daughter when I teach, we teach,” Andy Long said.

Even when she was modeling and in beauty pageants, Emma Long always kept her focus on a career in law enforcement.

And her dream started at an early age, nearly 20 years ago, when her dad when to the same Tupelo academy.

“I was about two when he went, I remember the long nights with my mom at home, him being gone, coming to some of my soccer games, in uniform.  I went to Amory when I was younger, and he would be walking through the schools normally, and everyone was like, ‘That’s Officer Long’, or they would know me as Officer Long’s daughter,” she said.

Andy Long plans on retiring next year, he has already submitted his paperwork. So he is especially glad his daughter has stepped in and will continue the family tradition of protecting and serving.

Emma Long will be working with a field training officer for the next couple of months.

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