Police Cadet Graduation

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – There are twenty five new law enforcement officers ready to patrol the streets. The North Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Center held graduation ceremonies for its latest class.

It is the final time members of Basic Class B 57 will be together before they officially become law enforcement officers.

Twenty five cadets completed the twelve week course . They lived at the training center throughout the week, going home on weekends. Cadets spent their time in the classroom, learning about laws, ethics training and other procedures, they also learn about driving skills and there is a lot of time spent on firearms training.

Dean Bearden became director of the training center two weeks before this class started and he says the graduates are ready.

“There is no safety net now, from this point on they are out there on the street, serving and protecting their community and there are no do overs, it’s always a first run for them now, so they have to watch their back, watch what’s going on, mind how they conduct themselves on the street, and protect and serve like they are supposed to and if they do that they’re going to do great,” Bearden said.

The area’s newest law officers say values such as teamwork, honor and integrity were constantly emphasized during their training and they are ready to put it all into practice, wherever they serve.

“The academy gave us the foundation we needed to go out and work on the streets, safety, firearms, self protection, driving, they gave us the foundation to start our career,” said Deputy Rick Roach, who will work for the Alcorn County Sheriff’s Department.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know more of the students, making an impact on campus, making it a safe place,” said Officer Leigha White, who will work for the University of Mississippi Police Department.

“It’s helped me to realize who I really am, deep down and my values , learn everything I need to about the law, there’s more training, this is the beginning of what I really want to do,” said Deputy Cody Holloway, who will work with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

The next basic cadet class is set for January.

Cost for the basic class is $3,600. That fee is paid for by the agency the cadet will work for. However, cadets can also pay their own way through the academy.  Graduates will work for 17 agencies throughout the area.

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