Pollen Season Has Officially Landed

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – As spring gets closer, pollen has already landed.

It’s in the air and stuck on vehicles.

Either way, combating pollen isn’t a simple task.

There’s one thing about spring and that’s pollen is everywhere in the air.

While those who have allergies try and combat symptoms from the yellow dust, Nurse Practitioner Brenda Pennington gives a deeper insight in ways to help fight it.

” There’s many different medications that can be purchased over-the-counter relatively inexpensive that can be taken on a daily basis and that is a recommendation that I have. If they go ahead and get started on it as soon as they can as long as it doesn’t interfere with blood pressure or any other health problems that they may have,” said Pennington.

Pennington says to visit with your doctor if symptoms don’t get better because lab work may need to be done or possibly an antibiotic needs to be prescribed.

” Numerous,numerous patients with symptoms of runny nose ,cough congestion ,eyes running;just a lot of different allergic type symptoms,” said Pennington.

The nurse practitioner also says if you’re allergic to pollen, taking your medicine first thing in the morning will likely help prevent side effects from pollen showing up.

Wearing protective gear outside to fight the powdery substance will also help prevent allergies from acting up.

“Avoid pollen,it’s pretty strong right now especially after the storm on Thursday. It blew in a lot of irritants and pollen. They can wear a mask while they’re cutting grass or even cutting down trees um or cleaning up debris around the home,” said Pennington.

The nurse practitioner also says those with asthma should be on alert because they’re at greater risk when pollen is in the air.

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