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PONTOTOC, Miss. – (WCBI) At a time when corporate-owned big box stores are supposed to be the enemy of small town businesses, one family-owned operation in Northeast Mississippi is fighting back in a big way.

People are coming to Moore’s Feed Store in Pontotoc  to get a new experience in one-stop shopping. In just one week of opening it’s doors, customers have been walking the aisles of the huge place.

“You know for Pontotoc to be such a small town and have a store like this come into it like where it takes you at least an hour or at least two hours if you slow down, just to walk through it,” said store manager Kimmy Dobbs.

“I’m amazed at how large it is and everything so much easier to see than it was in the old store. I really like how they have everything laid out,” said Misty Tucker, Customer.

There are 333,000 sq. ft. with everything from sporting goods, to automotive equipment and much more.

Moore’s started out as a country feed store serving the agriculture community. Now, like a gigantic green beacon, like a magnet people are flocking to what is styled as the everything store.

“There was a couple in here the other night and they called some friends of theirs in Oxford to tell them we were open. Just so they could drive over here and see it. Thats just the feedback I’m getting from folks,” said Dobbs.

Feedback from what is suppose to be a feed store. Yes there is feed, in a large section big enough for customer vehicles to drive through to pick up merchandise if need be.

“I was amazed when I walked in the door at how big and nice it was,” said customer Tim Morris.

“Eventually we’ll have our metal shop open, fabrication, metal roofing,” said Dobbs.

It looks like one stop shopping has taken a giant leap in a tiny town.

“I mean you can come up here and get everything you need to build a house period,” said Dobbs.

The old Moore’s Feed Store located about six miles away will remain open indefinitely.


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