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GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Pope Francis’s visit to the United States has been a historic one and has made headlines everywhere. This visit now marks the fourth time the leader of the catholic church has visited the U.S.

“What he brings is hope,” Father Lenin Vargas of St. Joseph Catholic Church said.

The visit brings hope and the opportunity to share the catholic faith and the Pope’s world view.

And the visit is even causing some catholic parishioners to have a reality check on their faith.

“I think it gives a chance and a challenge to any Catholic member in the United States to come again, and rekindle their faith.”

Some Catholics are embracing the attention that the visit is bringing.

“If you notice, most TV anchors now have tried to do their research about what Catholic’s believe in, what the meanings of the symbols are, what we the Catholic church stand for,” Vargas said.

People are fascinated with Pope Francis, and lot of it has do with him being the first modern day Pope. But members of Catholic churches say it’s the messages of hope that he’s spreading that makes this visit so meaningful.

“I think that’s his attraction, he is so in tune with the need for us to get off divisions, get into unity and try to work for the betterment of the world,” Paul Ackerman of Annunciation Catholic Church said.

Even with the attention the visit is bringing, Catholic churches are not using this visit as a tool to recruit new members

One church member says the Pope’s visit does allow for people to talk about their religion more freely.

“I think it has raised an awareness of religion, and not so much one religion over another, but religion meaning the love of God and the love of your neighbor.”


The Pope will be in the U.S. for four more days.  Stops in New York and Philadelphia are left on his schedule.


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