Potholes on private property remain an issue in Columbus


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Potholes have been an ongoing problem in the city of Columbus.

Recently the city announced a solution to fix those potholes permanently.

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But what about the potholes at shopping centers?

Customers at the Leigh Mall shopping center can not stand the large potholes in the parking lot. Many people blame the city for the problem – believing the city is responsible for the repairs.

But they’re not. So the question remains, who should fix this?

Shoppers at the Leigh Mall shopping center believed potholes in the area have only got worse as of late and something needs to be done.

“We pay good money for our vehicles, tires you know shocks. We would you know like to have the comfort of traveling through the shopping centers as well as the roads,” said shopper Dustin Vannorman.

“They’re everywhere, you see memes on the internet making fun of the potholes. But they really are a nuisance, like this one right here man, it’s right in the middle of the driveway. I would say at least half the cars hit it,” said shopper Parker Mullins.

So who do you call when you see a pothole in a shopping center?

Casey Bush, public works director for the city of Columbus said a lot of people assume the city is responsible – and that’s who they call.

Bush explained that is where the confusion begins.

“Normally what we try to do is let the citizen know that it’s a private owner responsibility of this parking lot, or the shopping area they’re at,” said Bush.

Bush explained it’s not up to the city to repair the holes. But said they try to help solve the problem as fast as they can.

“We will try to get in touch with code enforcement. Code enforcement would find the actual property owner who owns that property. And let the citizen know or the other person reported that pothole. And try to get it resolved,” said Bush.

Bush said you can also report any potholes on the city’s app SeeClickFix.