Presley asks FCC to take steps to help students and workers impacted by coronavirus

TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – The Northern District Public Service Commissioner for Mississippi has asked the FCC to take steps to help students and workers who are impacted by the coronavirus.

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley said the switch to online courses as some colleges are closed, and the necessity of some employees to work from home could put a strain on people who have to use their mobile devices for internet services.

Presley has made three requests of the FCC.

“Number one — eliminate data caps, stop that for right now, stop overage fees. If a customer has to use the phone more than normally, they would have to use it because of stresses on system by coronavirus that they be waived. And third, they stop throttling, we know many carriers throttle back on speed of internet service once a customer meets a certain threshold, those three things need to be eliminated and be eliminated today,” said Presley.

AT&T has agreed to waive data caps for home internet customers, however, that does not apply to mobile data caps.

Comcast is increasing speeds of its internet service and allowing for sixty days of free service for those who qualify.

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