Pride And Prejudice: Residents React To The Starkville’s Decision On A Pride Parade

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Reaction has been swift after the Starkville Board of Aldermen voted 4-3 Tuesday night, to refuse a parade permit to Starkville Pride, an organization that supports LGBT rights.

Vice Mayor Roy A. Perkins, along with Aldermen Henry Vaughn, David Little and Ben Carver cast the no votes.

None of them wanted to share with us why they took that stance, but they may be the only ones who aren’t talking.

It’s a hot topic on Main Street and Social Media.

A parade – normally a time for celebration, is tonight at the center of disappointment.

And, just like the Board of Aldermen, residents don’t always agree with each other.

Bailey McDaniel is the Director for Starkville Pride.

It’s her last year at Mississippi State and she wanted to organize the city’s very first Pride Parade to celebrate Pride Month.

“This is a Pride Parade for people to be proud of the inclusion and diversity that is sustaining in Mississippi, even though our legislation is not saying that, so this is a parade for people and I need them to realize that. It’s not just about the LGBT community, it’s about being proud of who we are as a human race and how we need to progress that and do better.”

Eileen Carr-Tabb has grown up in Starkville and says she’s watched people in Starkville work to eliminate discrimination.

That’s why she’s sad about the vote.

“As a 54-year old black woman, I remember, you know, when this city was not all inclusive and fair to people of color and that’s where I saw that going.”

Resident Jack Burton says he feels conflicted.

“Personally, it’s been something that’s been taking a forefront in my mind, just the idea of politics versus like our faith and stuff like that, and so I identify as a Christian, and I am still trying to figure out like how that should inform my decisions in politics and stuff like that.”

But Resident Tommie Lane says it is a God thing.

“Our faith comes first in my opinion and to have a person to vote in a way that acknowledges Christ and someone to stand on their biblical values, it’s really uplifting to me.”

At the end of the day, McDaniel says she’s not trying to change anyone’s mind, but instead, wants to celebrate with everyone about being proud of who we are as a human race.

“I’m not trying to tell anyone that they’re allowed to think that A is right, B is right, and C is wrong.”

McDaniel has announced plans to file a suit.

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