Project Elect is encouraging entrepreneurs


TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)- Aspiring entrepreneurs got some very helpful advice this weekend in Tupelo.

They gathered at the Education Center at North Mississippi Medical Center to take part in a lecture series sponsored by Project Elect which means Enthusiastic Leaders in Changing Times. Elect Chairman Jeffery Daniel says they worked with the Community Development Foundation to assemble a team of business experts to give those in attendance some sound advice about going into business.

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“It’s for those individuals oftentimes they would like to do something that they’re passionate about. They’d like to do something maybe they did at home and decided they wanted to go into business but oftentimes some of the ends and outs and the difficulties that arise they really don’t know how to do that. So we’re hoping this morning with the individuals that are here from banking and those a part of CDF kind of can tell them about some of the opportunities that are out there for them, so they’ll be able to do what they desire to do,” said Daniel.

“I think you see more and more people that are going out and really kind of trying to find their own niche and market that they can really jump into. So we see small business development as an opportunity with that. We’ve seen more and more people really kind of engage in the Renasance Center for Ideas and ask about how they can actually start their business. Really what we’ve seen is people that have just come up either an idea or a service or a market that they feel is underserved or underutilized and really not helped right now,” said Hunter Aycock.

Dr. Eric Lewis is a Tupelo physician who says the medical field remains a great area for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“So while the hospital is the main driving force behind the medical community here certainly there are multiple opportunities for people to provide support services to the hospital; whether, that involves anything from a food service capacity to the different small items that the hospital will use to kind of develop and to support the larger projects. So I think there are multiple opportunities for people in a varied amount, a varied array of areas where they can take that dream of someday owning a business or even advancing their current businesses in support of the hospital,” said Lewis.

And Lewis says medical coding is a service that is in hot demand.

“They could form their own coding company if they wanted to. There are multiple medical practices around that are looking for coders; certainly, if you have some experience and are a very good coder you’re going to be a huge benefit to any organization,” said Lewis.

The Renasant Center for Ideas is located at 398 Main Street in Tupelo.