Protecting Your Plants During A Freeze Warning


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Much of our viewing area is expected to be under a freeze warning as temperatures are expected to dip into the mid 20’s.

However, with the bitter cold temperatures, what does this mean for the plants that are blooming?

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The staff at Smith Landscaping and The Greenhouse are busy preparing for the upcoming freeze.

The National Weather Service is expecting temperatures to range anywhere from 28 to 32 degrees for more than three hours.

Although the workers don’t think the low temps are too alarming, owner Alan Smith is still taking the necessary steps to protect his plants.

“Thirty-one, we don’t know, it’s really borderline,” said Smith. I” think it’s OK but we’re going take some precautions.”

With only a week left until the official start if Spring, Smith said many flowers are already starting to hit their peak.

However, he said a big mistake many homeowners make is fertilizing their yards too soon, meaning it could be damaged if another cold burst hits.

“Everybody is out on the first Spring day, sometimes in February putting out fertilizer, that is way too early,” Smith expressed.

If the plants sit in the freezing cold temperatures unprotected for a long period of time, they can easily become damaged.

So, to prevent that from happening, Smith has a few tips for homeowners.

“If they’ve already bloomed they’re going to be fine,” Smith explained. “If they’re in full bloom or putting out some really tender growth and it’s possible, just throw a bed sheet over them and they’ll be good. If it’s in full bloom and they can’t bring it in. They can’t get it up under a roof or a porch or something, just throw a sheet or a blanket if you got to. A sheet will be heavy enough, just anything to cover it.”

The freeze warning will be in effect from one to nine o’clock Wednesday morning.