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JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI – In yesterday’s meeting of the Public Service Commission, Northern District Commissioner Brandon Presley advanced a measure to provide aid to victims of domestic violence through a 60 day waiver of utility deposits. The Commission unanimously adopted a schedule for Presley’s measure that would allow for public comment through November 15th and a public hearing on December 10th, which would allow the PSC to implement the measure before the end of the year. The goal of Presley’s measure is to alleviate the initial financial burdens that many times dissuade victims from fleeing to a safe location.

“I am proud the PSC is working to help victims of domestic violence. Too many times, those in abusive situations stay only because of the lack of money to leave. This measure, which the Louisiana and Texas PSC already have in effect, is aimed at providing real help in real time to law enforcement and domestic violence victims.” Presley said. “This is a very common sense measure that we can put into effect to help domestic violence victims, and I hope we can have it done by the end of the year. I truly appreciate Commissioners Posey and Renfroe’s support in this bipartisan effort.”

Presley’s proposal, which is modeled after similar measure in Louisiana and Texas, would provide a 60 day waiver for initial utility deposits for victims of domestic violence who have been certified by law enforcement, the office of the Attorney General, the office of a District Attorney or a domestic violence shelter. The rule also requires the public utilities to keep the victims information extremely confidential.

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