PSC Issues Call Warning, Reward Offered

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley today asked the general public who are registered on the Mississippi Do-Not Call list to report automated calls coming from “Rachel from Card Holder Services”. Presley said these calls have been the largest invasion of Mississippians’ privacy by a telemarketing scheme in years and that his office is working with the Federal Trade Commission and others to stop them.

“I am committed to doing everything possible to stop ‘Rachel’ and whoever is behind these calls. It is vitally important that citizens report each call they receive and give us as much information as possible so that we can compile a list of every violation.” Presley said.

Presley said citizens could report the calls to his office by phone at 1-800-637-7722 or 1-800-356-6428 or by going online to the PSC’s website at

Presley also announced that the Federal Trade Commission is offering a $50,000 reward to the winner of the “FTC Robocall Challenge” to create a technological solution to block robocalls such as those coming from ‘Rachel’ and others. The period for collecting the reward begins tomorrow and ends January 17, 2013. Any Mississippian interested in submitting ideas should go to the FTC’s new website for the reward at

Presley noted he hopes a Mississippian submits the winning solution. “Nothing would make me happier than for a Mississippian to win this $50,000 reward and be the one that comes up with a way to stop these robocalls.” Presley said.



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