First responders pulling double duty to ‘get ahead’


GOLDEN TRIANGLE AREA (WCBI) – For most people, a 40-hour work week is the norm, but these days, many people are resetting the time clock when they leave their day jobs.

The number of workers taking on side jobs is growing.

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Many first responders have other jobs when they’re not on duty, and some office workers do the same, by putting in extra hours outside of the office.

Double jobs mean double work, which is why balance and time management are crucial.

When MSgt. Will Spann isn’t working to get bad guys off the streets, he’s sprucing up yards and flower beds.

“We have over, a little over 100 properties right now, and the guys, they stay out and cut, probably, six days a week. I do some of the landscaping and then, I also fill in if it rains and stuff like that and I help them cut to finish up for the week.”

Just last week, Spann worked 75 hours, juggling time at the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department and managing S & S Landscaping.

“I work two on and two off and every other weekend at the sheriff’s department and they are 12 hour shifts and then my days off, I’m here, working landscaping, so we’re usually working six to seven days a week.”

Spann isn’t the only one busting more than 40-hours a week.

“Job stands for ‘just on bills” and your side business really gets you ahead, more in life, having that supplemental income really helps you out in life.”

When Gerod Ellis finishes his 8 to 5 job, his time rolls on over to his other two side businesses.

“One of the biggest things is, I’m real big on ownership, you know, like I said, I love my company, love the company I work for, but also, this gives me a little more pride and ownership of just owning my own business and wanting to start business for myself.”

About five years ago, Ellis launched his own lawn care service and entertainment businesses.

“When I’m DJing, or providing any type of musical, entertainment for anyone, those usually are on the weekends, so I try to manage and set my appointments up with my clients to where everything works out and balances well, so it won’t interfere with my overall career with Southwire.”