Quiet but warmer next week

COLUMBUS – SUMMARY: Temperatures slowly climb into the 80s by Friday as the rain chances subside and the sun comes out. Lows stick around in the mid to upper 50s throughout next week.

MONDAY: Highs top out in the low 70s while lows touch the low 50s. The stray shower is possible but skies remain dry otherwise.

TUESDAY: The warming trend begins as highs push into the mid 50s Tuesday. Rain chances will have completely disappeared at this point and the sun will take a more prominent role in the sky. Lows bottom out in the mid 50s.

REST OF THE WEEK: Afternoon temperatures will slowly climb over the next several days into the 80s by Friday. Lows remain stable in the mid to upper 50s. No rain is expected and more sunshine is on the way later in the week.


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