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It is his voice that most people instantly recognize. And many imitate, trying to mimic the rich gumbo of South Carolina and southern gentleman, stirred with a little pulpit dispatch and a delivery all his own.

R. H. Brown, WCBI News.

That’s how he has signed off each story, each day for 15 years. Where has the time gone?

For R.H., TV reporting is just another chapter in a life rich with family, friends and professional adventures. Veterans know him as one of them, a retired Army man. That voice was on the radio; RH broadcasting during the mornings from the WACR studios for 14 years.

On Sundays. you can find RH sheperding the flock at Living Manna Church in West Point . And now, more than ever, you can find him operating the church’s food pantry.
RH Brown has flown with pilots at Columbus Air Force Base. He has covered fires that devastated towns and murders that have devastated families. RH has taken us farm to table with his garden.

He and his wife of 40 years, Miss Bettye have raised two sons, Adrian and Dameion. They have a grandson now.

RH has been a mentor and friend to many people passing through the doors at WCBI-TV. Each one holds him near and dear.

RH plans to continue work on his screenplay, adapting his book, “Call Me Gullah.”
And maybe he will even come back and work on a story at WCBI if he has something he wants to share with our viewers (think gardening).

Miss Bettye says she just wants him to clean out the garage.

Much admired. Much respected. And much loved.

Let’s hear it one more time.

R. H. Brown, WCBI News.
rh crew

You can find a copy of RH Brown’s book, “Call Me Gullah” here:

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