Rain drought causing issues for local farmers


CALEDONIA, Miss. (WCBI) —  The economic hit for business owners during this year of COVID19 is by now well documented.

Some businesses are taking a double hit such as farmers who rely on yield and sales.

But customers stayed away because of the virus. And now, the crops are drying – and dying in the fields.

It’s been quite the year for 31-year-old farm owner William Darnell. He was just 14 when he started farming with his dad.

And of the 17 years in this business, 2020 has by far been the most challenging.

“COVID19 hurt me bad because I sell a bunch of produce. And when Covid first hit my winter crops my winter produce crops was ready but I had to plow them under, i couldn’t move them. So i lost that money because Covid hit I had nowhere to go with it because nobody could get out and shop or anything.”

Darnell said the lack of rain has stunted the growth to many of his crops.

Darnell said for the crops that haven’t fully grown – he will have to report it to his insurance company and hope he can make enough money in return.

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