Video: Recent Monroe County Drug Arrests Product of Ongoing Investigations

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MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — The arrest of six people on drug charges is just the latest evidence of people bringing drugs into Monroe County from other areas, investigators there say.

The six were arrested in three different traffic stops in different parts of the county.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Department drug agents have made some undercover drug buys. And they’ve been watching suspected drug houses and made probable cause stops when the cars left the homes.

Several thousand dollars worth of crystal meth, guns and cash were confiscated during the stops.

“The amount of ice they had on them, that they are moving drugs from other counties over into our county,” Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell said.

At least two of the suspects, including Kris Meisenholder have prior drug convictions.

Cantrell says the targeted purchases and patrols will continue.

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