Recruiting for the future: Army Corps of Engineers at MSU’s new institute

MISSISSIPPI STATE, Miss. (WCBI) – October 26 was the grand opening of the Agricultural Autonomy Institute at Mississippi State University. The Director of the Engineer Research and Development Center for the Army Core of Engineers Laboratory in Vicksburg, Mississippi Dr. David Pittman was there.

They do research and development for the core of engineers and other partners around the world.

Pittman said they were there recruiting engineers and scientists for the mission base as well as building partnerships.

“We hire a whole lot of engineers and scientists to come work at ERDC for this very important mission for the warfighting for the nation. One of the partnerships we are recruiting is with this new agricultural autonomy institute because we don’t do agriculture very much in the core of engineers, but what we do is biology and environment. So, it’s very important for our mission base. They do great research, they promote great people. We do a lot of research, we need great people, so we’re going to do that. The strongest partnership that ERDC has is with Mississippi State University,” said Pittman.

Pittman said their largest Alumni group that works at ERDC is from Mississippi State University.

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