Reform breaks ground on its largest public works projects

The Reform Water System Project

REFORM, Ala. (WCBI) – The City of Reform breaks ground on its largest public works projects, and city leaders hope it will help solve a more than 50-year problem.

Reform leaders are telling residents until the project is complete hope for the best but prepare for the unexpected.

The Reform Water System Project is a five-year plan to help solve a problem it’s had for five decades. And Mayor Melody Davis said it’s time for a change.

“It will replace our old obsolete line that we have. The last line that we had repaired had dated 1940 on it, and it’s 2023 it’s been surviving on a wing and a prayer,” Mayor Davis.

Thanks to the funding of ARPA and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, after the project, is complete Reform Water system should not have to experience what they have these last few weeks.

“No water, lines that were broken, it affected our tank levels, and once the tank is under the capacity it needs to, and we couldn’t turn the pumps on,” Mayor Davis said.

However, until the project is complete, State Senator Gerald Allen said to pack your patience.

“It is part of a process and part of the responsibility not just on the mayor and the Counsel and the citizens of Reform and this part of the County but it is very important for us as elected officials in Montgomery to recognize that there is a need here and it’s very exciting for us,” Senator Allen said.

And for those still facing low water pressure in Reform, the Mayor said they are working on a temporary fix.

“We had everyone up and running about a day or so ago, and the control panel went out on the pump, so as of 6:00 yesterday, the part that they needed came in and they are out trying to repair the pump,” Mayor Davis said.

Mayor Davis gave some water usage tips to consider if you are experiencing low water pressure.

1. Keep bottles of water on stand-by

2. Wash clothing in neighboring cities

3. Stay informed on social media and on WCBI News

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