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COLUMBUS, MS (WCBI)-A man is in custody at this hour after allegedly robbing Renasant Bank in Columbus. Authorities arrested the man inside Community Counseling Services shortly after the incident.

24-year old Ashby Barton of Winona was arrested and charged with robbery. Around two this afternoon Barton allegedly entered the bank and handed employees a note. Police wouldn’t tell us what the note said, but shortly after receiving the cash, Barton took off on foot. Columbus Police along with Lowndes County Sheriff’s Deputies searched the are for about an hour. Police say Barton fled inside Community Counseling Services, about a block away from the bank.

Chief Selvain McQueen recounts the arrest:

” We located the..possibly what we believe to be the stolen money inside the building. We’re going to contact the bank officials. Conduct a countdown and release their property and once again process the assailant.”

Chief McQueen says Barton was not armed. We did see police removing a suitcase from the counseling center. Community Counseling Services had no comment about the incident, or if Barton was a patient at the center. At this time he has not been given a bond or a court date









Columbus, Miss. (WCBI) – Columbus police captured a bank robbery suspect inside Community Counseling Services in downtown Columbus.

Investigators say the unidentified male suspect was caught just minutes after the Renasant Bank was robbed, just after 2 PM. He was caught about a block away from the crime scene.

Police Chief Selvain McQueen tells WCBI the robber handed bank employees a note, but did not release what it said, and then ran after he was given an undisclosed amount of cash.

McQueen says police have recovered some, if not all, of the stolen money.

Community Counseling Services had no comment about the incident or if the suspect was a patient.

On its website, Community Counseling Services says the mental health facility provides four areas of service, mental health, substance abuse, intellectual and developmental disabilities services, and employee assistance programs.


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