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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) Old glory, balloons, and huge posters filled the golden triangle regional airport, at four excited families waited to greet their loved ones returning home from half a world away.

Maggie Williams came with dozens of family members to greet her nephew LaCorey Tate.

“We all just came out to welcome Corey back home, we’re waiting on his mom to get here, she’s slow but she’ll be here,” says Williams.

Shaquita fair felt butterflies inside her stomach as she waited for her fiancee Tony.

“Anxious, would be the best word to describe it and a little bit nervous, but my stomach is in knots right now,” says Fair.

But their son, Malik didn’t have any trouble telling us about his dad.

“He means everything to me. When I see him I’m gonna hug him and then me and my sister are gonna give him these posters that we made!” says Malik.

And as the plane touched down on the tarmac, the families couldn’t contain their excitement any longer, until finally the moment they waited for finally arrived. It was a happy reunion for all, but especially for specialist LaCorey Tate.

“I’m really at a lost for words right now. It feels good to be back home and you know, finally get to meet my son for the 1st time. He was born while I was overseas so I’m just glad to meet him, just thank God I’m back,” says Tate.

TaRoya Hollis had a hard time taking it all in.

“Just really happy! Very emotional. I cried a little bit,” says Hollis.

Even though she missed her family, Hollis says she’s happy she got a chance to serve her country.

“The good thing that came out of it is that I gained experience. I’ve become more involved to serve my country,” says Hollis.

This was Sargent Shaikala Brown’s second deployment, and now that she’s home, she’s looking forward to one thing.

“Sleep!!! Sleep!! In a comfortable bed!” says Brown.

And as for Sargent Tony Lathon, he’s thankful for the big posters and to be reunited with those who mean the most to him.

“Love them, thank them for their support. It’s hard on the families when you’re deployed cause they’re by themselves with the kids..just..thankful..I love them,” says Lathon.

When WCBI asked them what’s one thing they won’t miss about Kuwait, they all agreed on one thing: the heat.

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