Residents are looking to give back to the community.


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-Since our story on the people feeling lost after the tornado aired last night, many people have been looking for ways to give.

Today we take a look at some of those giving back to the community.

“We are so blessed, and we’ve got so much, and so many people out there have nothing,” said Bob Boisseau.

As more and more people begin to pick up the pieces, others are looking to help out in any way they can.

And to make things easier Amber Brumfield is trying to get everyone organized.

“If you’re an unaffiliated volunteer you don’t know where to go please come to the lower level Trotter convention center and get registered through us. Just wanna make sure that everyone is safe and get liability forms out there as well so that we don’t have people out there doing things all of a sudden get hurt we want to document every volunteer this out there on the ground.”

Many people who aren’t able to physically get out and help are still looking for ways to lend a hand.

“The lady that I saw on the news mentioned she was told she had to have an ID and her comment was, ‘my ID is back at the house, and the house is destroyed,’ and my wife was sitting there saying call WCBI we do IDs. We’ve been doing them for years for people that don’t have an ID, and we thought that something that we can do to give back, and hopefully to help the people, and we’re offering to do IDs for anybody that storm damage that needs one at no charge,” said Boisseau.

“My wife passed away. We were married 50 years. She passed away three years ago in January, and so I have a lot of her clothes, and it took me all this while to finally own the fact that she’s never coming back. I’ll see her again in heaven, so I decided, well, I can make use of the clothes and give them to somebody. That’s what I saw, I saw the need, and I’ve got to do it,” said Sam Medore.

For many like Sam Medore, giving back to the community is a natural response.

“It just makes me feel good because you know I was in Vietnam I know everybody depended on everybody you always need somebody they only helped you out A guy is bleeding a guy is it hurt needs help I was in the Marine Corps, so that was just part of the things we did,” said Medore.

Bob Boisseau says if your ID was lost during the storm, you can call Sherwood Photography.

He also recommends trying to find some kind of document showing your name and address, and he will get you a new ID.


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