Video: Residents React To Flag

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Golden Triangle, Miss. (WCBI)-The state flag is still a big issue in Mississippi.

The state flag no longer fly over the city of Columbus.
On Tuesday, the city of Columbus decided to take down the flag throughout the city.
“I don’t think it’s a real good decision, and I’ll tell you why. It’s a lot of heritage in there, and they’re doing it for one particular thing,” Columbus resident Roger Tousley said.

“Well I think its a good idea but taking down the flag isn’t going to remove the hate and the way people feel about each other,” Columbus resident Gwen Walker said.

As always, there is  two sides to every story. The city of Columbus made a decision to take down their state flag throughout their city. And next week, the city of Starkville will make their decision on whether or not they should keep this flag, or take it down throughout the city.
“This does not mean I support confederate signs or the confederate flag, I think it should go, but as long as our law makers in Jackson don’t pass a bill or something to take it down like in South Carolina did, I would support the state flag,” Starkville resident Pranaav Jadhav said.

Some residents say even if the flag does come down, it still doesn’t get rid of what the flag symbolizes.
“I mean the meaning is still there but it’s showing progression and that we’re going in the right direction,” Starkville resident Janay Bardwell said.

While everyone has different views on the topic, they all have one common goal, which is, taking the next step and moving forward.
“It needs to start with love. We need to reach across the aisles and forgive and move forward,” Tousley said.

The City of Starkville will meet next Tuesday to finalize their decision on if they will keep or take down the flag throughout the city.

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