Respiratory illnesses start to become more common during fall season

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – It is that time of the year when respiratory illnesses start to become more common. Local clinics are preparing themselves for the surge of cases that are likely to come.

As nurse practitioner Devi Moon explained, RSV is a respiratory virus that can affect people of all ages. However, there is some good news. The vaccine that was only available for children is now also available for seniors.

According to Moon, this vaccine could offer additional protection during a triple threat season of COVID-19, flu, and RSV.

“Oh yes, RSV, we are going through it now,” Moon said.

Devi Moon, a Family Nurse Practitioner at Allegro Medical, said the clinic has observed a surge in respiratory syncytial virus, also known as RSV, and she believes that it is just the beginning.

“We used to have this is RSV season, and we knew it was coming and it would come, and then we would get through it well, know since COVID I have had upticks of RSV during the summer, and now we have it right you know September, October there is not just a strict RSV season,” Moon said.

So, what are the symptoms of RSV?

“Not feeling well, very congested. You can even feel tightness in their chest and just lots and lots of drainage,” Moon said.

And how does RSV differ from COVID?

“COVID has several different symptoms, such as the loss of taste and smell and fever. Usually, you won’t see a fever spike until the end of RSV. Day four or five is usually the worst for RSV, whereas COVID seems to come on quicker,” Moon said.

According to local pharmacist Chris Bonner, RSV is one of many things to watch for. He believes the upcoming flu season could be severe and should be taken seriously. And offers a few recommendations.

“You got the phenomenon shot. You got the RSV shot. Those are effective, ” Bonner said.

The RSV vaccine may not be available in all areas yet.

Check with your healthcare provider about getting the vaccine.

Moon advised that if you are unsure of your symptoms, it’s important to seek medical attention.

Additionally, if you are feeling unwell, it’s recommended to stay at home and away from others to prevent spreading the virus. Finally, practicing good hygiene, such as washing your hands frequently, can also help prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses like RSV.

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