Restaurant Owners Weigh In On Possible Food Truck Ordinance

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – Restaurant owners and managers had a chance to weigh in on a possible ordinance the city of Tupelo may craft for food truck operators.

Tupelo City Council members have discussed creating some sort of ordinance, or guidelines for food trucks operating throughout the city.

This afternoon, council members invited restaurant owners and other staff to share their concerns about any ordinances regarding food trucks.

Restaurant owners and managers at the meeting said they believe there needs to be some sort of ordinance for food trucks.

“I mean this is a growing town and I think we’re going to see more food trucks but we also have to do some kind of regulation for them, to keep them in line and that they are cooking in the truck , not at home, that kind of thing, so I think this is a good thing for both of us,” said Leslie Nabors, marketing manager for Buffalo Wild Wings in Tupelo.

Food truck operators had a chance to share their views on the issue in December. It is not known when, or if the council will come up with a food truck ordinance.

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