Retailers can apply to sell Mississippi lottery tickets

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI)- The time is inching closer to the launch of the Mississippi Lottery. Retailers are already starting to send in their applications.

The Mississippi Legislature created the Mississippi Lottery Corporation in October of 2018.

Since then the ball has been rolling.

The corporation is asking for retailers interested in selling lottery tickets to fill out the online application, so they can get the contracts awarded ahead of the December lottery launch.

The Director of Communications for the Mississippi Lottery Corporation says there are several benefits for stores that might sell tickets.

“You’ll have more foot traffic to your store. That’s one of the biggest in my opinion. Someone who’s coming in to buy a lottery ticket, typically buys drinks, snacks, gas, whatever. So extra foot traffic, and then if you’re one of those retailers that sells a big ticket down the road, there’ll probably be incentives for that. Plus, you’ll get, I believe it’s six percent commission on your weekly sales. There are lots of perks,” said Meg Annison.

That website to fill out the application is

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