Retiring Senator Cochran Honored At U.S. Capitol

WASHINGTON, (WCBI) – Senator Thad Cochran is honored by colleagues and gives his last speech at the U.S. Capitol today, March 22.

Cochran thanked other senators for their friendship and trust for chairmanships to the appropriations and agriculture committees.

Known for his quiet demeanor and tireless work, other senators thanked him for his 45 years of service in Congress.

“What abides… Is the legacy that he’s left, of being a quiet persuader, of being a person of accomplishment, of being a gentleman who has made this country and its citizens better off,” says Republican Senator Roger Wicker.

“Of those currently serving, 97 of us are newer at this… Than Thad is,” Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell continued,” And everyone of us has been treated to a first grade example of honorable service.”

Cochran says he will not miss power or politics and invited other Senators to stop by his Oxford home for a refreshment on the porch.

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