Reward For Info Regarding The Killing Of Chickasaw County Horses Now Over $10,000


CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The reward for information about the killing of seven horses and two donkeys in Chickasaw County, has climbed to over $10,000.

Sheriff James Meyers says deputies continue to investigate, which is a case unlike any he has ever seen.

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Sheriff Meyers says some of the horses were still alive when deputies found them in the Van Vleet community back on September 19.

He says their deaths were slow and tragic, but investigators are not letting this case turn cold.

Van Vleet and the intersection of County Roads 118 and 119 is a quiet area, but people are still unnerved that the shooter is still not in jail.

Sheriff James Meyers says the heinous act will not go unpunished, “If that person or persons is watching this, you know, we’re not going to give up and it will make it a whole lot easier on you, you know, come see us, come turn yourself in.”

Meyers says the mass killing of the defenseless animals is a felony case.

Investigators continue to run down information and are calling in help.

“We’ve taken this case very serious and we’ve been working on it every day. We have got the Mississippi Agricultural Theft Division working with us, so there is a state agency involved. I mean, it’s a top priority,” says Meyers.

Law enforcement remain hopeful someone will give them a new lead.

“Through Crime Stoppers, the PETA Organization is offering a $5,000 dollar reward. There is a private reward through the family and then we have another reward that’s offered from out of state and they’ve asked to remain anonymous, which we will, but all these rewards together would be a pretty substantial amount.”

Meyers hopes this horrible case is a lesson for others on ways to settle a dispute.

“If a horse, or a cow, or any other animal gets on your property, I mean, call us, and I mean, there’s other ways to handle it, through court, you know, it may not be a fast remedy, but do it the legal way and that way it doesn’t get to this point.”

Anyone with information should contact the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department or Crime Stoppers of Northeast Mississippi at 1-800-773-TIPS.