Video: Gun Purchases Are Popular Gifts

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Gun buyers and owners pour into Gary’s Pawn and Gun store in Columbus to take advantage of last minute holiday sales.

“Unlike the last two years, this year we are seeing more people in the industry buy guns for their children, family shooting more of a family things then what it used to be,” said Gary’s Pawn and Gun Owner Gary Dedeaux.

A family affair that has three generations looking for ways to improve the safety on their new Christmas guns.

Tripp Ward, who has used a hunting rifle for 25 years, says he decided this year was the perfect time to introduce his son to the family hobby.

“It’s just a small caliber BB gun. He is only five years-old but you got to start them somewhere so and that’s how you learn gun safety you start teaching kids at a young age that way when they do get to the teen years and they try to start testing and try things themselves, they at least know how to handle a gun,” said Ward.

Ward is excited to teach his son how to shoot, but says the gun rules were explained before he ever took the gun out of the box.

“Number one at this age you never touch the gun without dad in the room so always let dad handle it, dad will load it and I try to teach him about safety. The safety mechanism on the gun and that way he will know,” explained Ward.

Ward’s father-in-law, Jimmy Garton, received a hunting rifle for Christmas. Now, he’s purchasing a non-slip gun strap to help him stay safe in the woods.

“It helps prevent accidents and accidents is what kills people. So I don’t want to get killed so I want to be safe in the woods with a gun,” said Garton.

Garton said first time gun owners need to make sure to attend a hunter’s education course or contact your local police department before using your gun.

“Take a course in safety and that way they are taught correctly rather than self teach themselves and maybe make some mistakes they shouldn’t make,” said Garton.


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