Video: Safety For Our Police

By: Salena Schaffer

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — Community safety is every police officer’s main concern, but what about their personal safety?

A police officers job has always been dangerous, but given the recent attacks on officers, especially those in both Dallas and Baton Rouge that job has become even more risky.

Starkville Police Chief, Frank Nichols, says his officers are more vigilant than ever.

“We’ve tried to first increase our man power on the streets, secondly we’ve tried to or we’re doing is making sure there’s at least two people at least two officers for every call, we have a greater sense of our surroundings and we try to get as much information as we can from the dispatcher.” said Nichols.

He says community policing is more important than ever.

“The beginning of all this protests started because they didn’t think they was getting treated fairly which equals out to quality service. I believe and I continue to believe that as long as we’re providing quality service that people will recognize that and that they will recognize that we are here for them. Those community policing programs are designed to enhance a better relationship.”” said Nichols.

He says that the recent attacks on police have made it hard to cope.

“Right after the shootings in Dallas um it really kind of… well because I’ve got a classmate down there, an FBI classmate um I made sure she was alright and she was and she texted me back saying she was alright… at that time I was really convicted to send a letter out there to all my troops. And I did, and not to just get into the heart of the letter. I ended that letter with telling all of them that I love them and that I wanted them to be safe out there. It has affected me, mentally and psychologically, so what I try to do is stay positive.” ” said Nichols.

But it hasn’t stopped him from encouraging his men and going out and doing his job.




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