Saltillo High School students are making a difference in the lives of others

Students teach lessons in serving others

SALTILLO, MISS. (WCBI) – A group of female students at a Lee County High School is helping to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

As a member of the Anchor Club at Saltillo High School, Caitlyn Carnathan started doing various community service projects.  During the final semester of her junior year, she formed a club for female students who also had servant’s hearts,  They are called “Serving Sisters.”

“It ended up growing way bigger than I ever thought it would,” Carnathan said.

Serving Sisters now has one project each month and they get donations from the entire community.

They have taken taken donations of items for the Talbot House, SAFE House , and they’ve also organized a clothes closet for students at Saltillo High School.

The clothes closet is restocked often, and is a way to help their classmates.

Serving Sisters has even taken donations of clothes, and other essentials for Ukraine.  For the group, that project is personal, because they have an exchange student at the school whose family lives in the war torn country.

“I met Christiana through Club 37, a girl’s bible study, I met her through that and we ended up becoming friends, one of our teachers here, which I’m pretty close with, teaches her and they brainstormed the idea to send things over, we put our will powers and resources together, I had a social media group started, posted on there, it grew, people from different towns, Houston to Booneville, here,  that came here and dropped stuff off that we sent over,’ Carnathan said.

Each girl plays a different role in Serving Sisters and they say it has taught them the importance of using their gifts and talents to be a blessing to others and to spread the message.

“We love to help people and seeing people’s reactions when we take stuff to them, one of my favorite projects was, we made cancer bags to take to patients, they were so thankful they would have something to do, even though it was simple stuff we got form Dollar Tree,” said Morgan Rakestraw.

“That’s why I’m excited to be part of social media, I’m not a very good speaker, but I feel I have a knack for creativity, so I can reach more people with that,” said Bre Morgan.

Serving Sisters plans to have community wide projects during the summer break.

If you’d like to keep up with Serving Sisters to see what their needs are for each project, you can go to their pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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