Tupelo Salvation Army Trucks In Need Of Repair

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – Donations are down at the Tupelo Salvation Army because the ministry’s two trucks are in need of repairs, and there’s no way for workers to collect items for the Thrift Store.

One of the trucks is beyond repair, while the other one might be able to be fixed.

Right now, crews can’t get donations of clothes, furniture and other items from people’s homes.

Those items are sold at the Thrift Store on Daybrite Drive.  Also, the trucks pickup large donations of food for the ministry’s free lunches and dinners at its Carnation Street site.

“The proceeds from the thrift operations goes to fund work of the Salvation Army in our community. So everytime someone goes to Salvation Army Thrift Store and buys a piece of clothing or an item or furniture, they are helping to clothe somebody who doesn’t have clothing. They’re helping to provide a bed for a homeless individual, or helping to provide a meal for somebody who’s hungry,” said Major Jeff Daniel.

Major Daniel says people can drop off donations of clothes or other items at the thrift store.

Food donations should be taken to the carnation street facility.

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