Samsung Issues Recall Of Galaxy Note7 After Consumers Report Batteries Catching Fire

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J. – SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 (PRESS RELEASE) – Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today confirmed that new Note7 replacement devices will be available in the United States at most retail locations no later than September 21, 2016.

The company has received approval for its exchange program and announced a formal U.S. voluntary recall of the Galaxy Note7, sold from August 2016 through September 15, 2016, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This recall follows the global announcement of battery cell issues related to certain Galaxy Note7 devices.

Although there have only been a small number of reported incidents, Samsung has taken great care to provide affected consumers with the support they need. Samsung has identified the affected inventory and stopped sales and shipments of those devices. Consumers who have affected Galaxy Note7 devices can now replace their current phone with a new Note7 device under the terms of the U.S. Note7 Exchange Program, approved by the CPSC.

“Consumer safety is always our highest priority. Our collaboration with the CPSC to fast-track a voluntary recall in the U.S. addresses safety concerns by ensuring we reach Note7 owners quickly to exchange their devices,” said Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics America. “We are asking owners to act now by powering down their Note7 devices and receive a replacement devices or a refund through our exchange program.”

Working in partnership with the CPSC, carriers and retailers, Samsung is maximizing its reach to Note7 owners through multiple touchpoints, including direct communications, customer service, social media, marketing and in-store communications, to ensure users are aware of the program, understand their options and participate in the U.S. Note7 Exchange Program.

Consumers are encouraged to visit for carrier and retailer specific instructions on how and where to exchange their Note7 device. Under the terms of the U.S. Note7 Exchange Program owners have the following choices and can take these next steps immediately:

  1. Exchange their current Note7 for a new Note7 devicewhen available at their point of purchase or retailer
  2. Exchange their current Note7, and any Note7 specific accessories, for a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge with a refund of the price difference between the products.
  3. A refund can be obtained at your point of purchase.

Customers who exchange a Note7 device for another Samsung product will also receive a $25 gift card, in-store credit, in-store accessory credit or bill credit from select carrier or retail outlets.

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