Santa visits Starkville residents early

STARKVILLE, MISS. (WCBI)-The most Wonderful time of the year has come early in Starkville.

Today the city held its Christmas Open House and they had a very special guest at the Community Theatre.

“A Spider-Man Toy, Spider man fat from home, and and a spider man flying costume,” said Joshua Craig

Joshua Craig is just one of the many kids who have come to tell St. Nick what they want for Christmas….

The event is helping create memories by not only letting children meet Santa, buy taking pictures with him as well.

Cookies with Santa helps support the Starkville Community Theatre.

“This is a long running fundraiser that used to be run by a greater Starkville Development Partnership. And last year for the first time they basically gifted it to us and said, that if you want to have this event with Santa with the big guy to help raise money for your theater which we are a nonprofit organization here in Starkville second year running we’ve hosted Santa again,” said Gabe Smith.

IT wasn’t just the children who were thrilled to see Santa.

Even the mayor of Starkville stopped by to take a selfie.

And our own Aundrea Self even had a conversation with Kris Kringle.

Santa is a very busy man this time of the year, but somehow he still finds time to visit children all around the world.

“I’m good at delegation and there’s elves in charge when I’m gone,” Santa said.

Some kids are a little hesitant to sit in Santa’s lap, and Jolly Ole Saint Nick says that’s just fine.

“Don’t make a kid sit on my lap cause Santa doesn’t like to torture kids,” Santa said.

Every one knows that Santa loves cookies and milk, but he says his favorite is Chocolate chip cookies and oak milk.

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