Saxon’s Drive-In Turns 40


A Houston business is becoming a new kind of entertainment spot.

They are doing something people use to do way back when.

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A special kind of theater for kids of all ages opening up this weekend.

For the last 40 years, people living in Houston have come to appreciate Saxon’s Drive-In Restaurant.

Since Patricia and the late Glen Saxon turned over their business operations to new owners Ashley and Odis Henry, things have not changed much.

“I’ve had customers tell me they even came here and ate after they got married. That it was just something they, dated here. And after they said, had their vows they came here and ate,” said Henry.

That strong tradition is good for business, but the new management is adding something extra to the mix.

Saxon’s a drive-in will soon pull the curtain on a large movie screen.

“And it’s a huge screen. We’re going to set it up outside and rope off part of the parking lot for people to bring their lawn chairs and watch a movie,” said Henry.

“We’ve got free popcorn, we’re going to show kiddie movies. We’re going to be car hopping,” said Suzanne Marquis, Saxon’s Drive-In.

“When the girls car hop they are going to walk up to the vehicles of the people who do not wish to get out and take their order, bring it back inside. We’ll cook it. And they’ll return the food to them,” said Henry.

When people at Saxon’s now drive through, they will actually be driving in… for dinner and a kiddie movie.

“Oh yeah, its going to be fun,” added Marquis.

Kids in Houston will be treated to the movie Herbie, when the sun goes down Saturday.