School resource officers are cracking down on security

Schools around the Golden Triangle have been getting hoax calls about shootings on campus

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- Schools around the Golden Triangle have been getting hoax calls about shootings on campus.

Local law enforcement has also called these calls swatting. These false reports of violence are causing real anxiety among students and their parents.

Columbus High School received a fake call last week that caused panic among families. West Point High school had the same problem a week before that.

Chief school resource officer Tara Sloan said when they get those calls they usually alert the police department and the superintendent; from there they begin gathering information.

“Some students make officers and administrators aware of things that they’ve heard from them leaving home to on social media so when they get to school they translate that information to us and we monitor whatever has been said,” said Sloan.

Sloan said that since the hoax call they have adjusted security measures at the school.

“At our entrances in front of the office and on the bus lane where the children get off the buses we have set up to where we want every student that comes in, to check their backpacks and make sure they don’t have any illegal devices on them and once they are checked they are okay to move forward by going to the cafeteria or their classroom,” said Sloan.

A clear bag policy has also been put in place for West Point’s home football games. Sloan said that they try to keep tensions down even with everything going on during these incidents.

“We try to get the parents to remain calm, the superintendent does send out a message to all parents in the district who have children that are attending our schools. Some calm down and some don’t you know but my job is to make sure that each and every person on this campus is safe,” said Sloan.

The hoax call in Columbus is being investigated by the FBI and a felony charge is likely if they find out who made the call.

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