Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday Wraps Up


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Another tax free weekend wraps up for the year, and school supplies weren’t the hot item for this shopping weekend.

“Mississippians, we love to hunt, so everybody looks forward to getting a tax break off a big purchase like a gun,” says Sports Center manager, Bobby Craig.

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Guns, ammo, and scopes are just some of items without that extra 7% sales tax.

“The sales tax goes to Uncle Sam, so if it’s a government holiday, then that’s actually money that they don’t get to encourage support for local business,” says Craig.

The no sales tax weekend saves shoppers a few bucks, and shoots revenue up for stores.

“20% better than a normal weekend on average throughout the year,” says Craig.

Shopper Mike Patrick bought a handgun, saving him around $40 dollars, which means he has more money for ammo.

“This weekend, I know a lot of my friends are doing the same thing here in a lot of cities, you know that’s what they’re doing, so yeah I know I recommend anytime you can save money, go for it.”

The Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday hasn’t been around very long, and only happens in a few states.

“The Second Amendment is such a big deal, it’s such a hot topic right now, and it’s such a big deal to people in Mississippi, I mean not even from a hunting standpoint, but just the freedom to you know, be able to have a firearm to defend yourself, if God forbid that situation were to arise,” says Craig.

A lot of items were bought over the weekend, but Craig says the store has enough in stock for hunting season.