A second child comes forward in a teacher misconduct investigation


EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI) – Hurt, mad, and disgusted.

That’s how one mother described her reaction after finding out her teenage son was allegedly having a secret relationship with a former Eupora High School teacher.

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The mother said the relationship between her son and a former educator at his high school wasn’t just a one-time thing.

She said secret messages and meetings between the two lasted almost five months.

In her opinion, the Webster County School District and area law enforcement are not doing enough.

“Mad. I’m still mad,” said the mother.

Last Friday, she got a concerning call from the Eupora High School Principal telling her she needed to have a conversation with her son, giving little context as to why.

“He told me what happened. He told me he’s been talking, you know, having sex with this woman. And they’ve been having phone conversations. And she was giving him money,” said the mother.

The woman, who did not want her face to be shown, claims former teacher Kayla Tindall allegedly gave her son $500 in exchange for sex.

“He asked her, why does she want to talk with him? And she said that she liked the feeling that he gives her, the attention that he gives her,” said the mother.

She said Tindall manipulated her son.

“I think he was in love with her, I think he really cared for her… She manipulated him. Yes, she did. You know she gave him money to do with, you know, big money… Money that I wouldn’t give him at 15 you know, $500 is a lot of money,” said the mother.

When the school found out last week, her son said the principal called him in and looked through some of the messages on his phone, then the principal reportedly recorded what he saw onto his own cell phone.

“I do know the principal, he recorded it, from what my son said, he recorded it off his phone. I wasn’t present at the time. I feel like I should have been present,” said the mother.

She said neither the school district nor the police have handled the situation appropriately.

“I feel like they are trying to cover for her, give her a chance, and that’s not fair because these are minor children… You know, y’all didn’t take a mug shot. Y’all are not taking this seriously, and I don’t understand why… If this had been a black person, I’m being honest, We would have been in handcuffs, We would have had mugshots, fingerprints. Oh, gosh, we would still be in jail right now,” said the mother.

The mother tried to file an affidavit with new charges through the Eupora Police Department Wednesday, but she was turned away.

She says they told her she would have to speak with someone from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.