How To Secure Your Home While You’re Away

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- The city of Starkville has seen an increase in the number of break-ins in the area.

The Starkville Police Department told WCBI six burglaries have been reported since Friday.

So far they’ve made two arrests, one on Monday, and another over the weekend.

Summer can be an ideal time for families to take vacations, but it can also be an ideal time for burglars to break in when no one’s home.

Many times burglars stake out the homes they’re planning to break into.

They look to see if the home is un-occupied. A few of the things they look for are as simple as, have the lights and TV lights been off all day, or has the newspaper not been picked up in a few days.

“Statistically, burglaries rise over the summer period because individuals are traveling throughout the summer,” said Brandon Lovelady, Public Information Officer for the Starkville Police Department.

“You have to watch out for people knocking on your doors that are unsolicited.” said Hunter Griffin, president of residential operations at Security Solutions.  “If you let them know you won’t be home or if you tell them I’m about to go to work that’s a good opportunity for them to come back and have their way with your home.”

However making your home appear to be occupied is one way to help prevent potential break-ins.

“Ensure windows and doors are locked, close any window treatments,” said Lovelady.

“Your neighbors are going to be a key player when you’re out of town. Have them check your mail, remove your newspapers,” said Griffin.

“If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, look into light timers,” said Lovelady.

“You want to make sure you have a system in that home when the bad boy arrives,” said Griffin.

Griffin also added advertising your vacation on social media is also a bad idea.

“Wait until you’ve returned, wait until you’re back home, and then show everybody where you’ve been.”

At Security Solutions, Griffin said they have an electronic app for its customers called Total Connect.

The app allows customers to monitor their home all in one touch.

“You can turn on your lights individually, you can turn Tv’s on and off, you can have doors locked and unblocked,” said Griffin.

Griffin said this automated system is ideal when folks go out of town. They’re able to see and be in control everything, even though they’re miles away from home.

“When that home looks occupied it’s much more encouraging for that individually to go and try to break into the next home that’s not occupied,” he said.

The Starkville Police Department has a form they call a Vacation Home Check.

Residents can fill it out, notifying the department they’re going out of town, and for how long.  Officers will then drive by, and keep an eye on the home, to make sure everything stays in tact.

If any Starkville residents would like a copy of the form, they can be picked up at the SPD Dispatch, located on 405 Lyn Lane.


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